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" Tal's smile did not wither " - Sticker

The words "wither" and "camel" rhyme in Hebrew.
The camel on the sticker and Tal's copyright were scanned from Tal's notebook.

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" In the Camel's foot step"

Tal was very fond of cameles. On July 2003, four months after her death in the bus explosion, 40 of Tal's friends and family went on a camel tour in the Israeli Negev desert. Since then , we make a trip in Tal's memory every year.

Camel Trip - 2003

Golan Trip - 2004
A movie from the Kineret
A movie from Jeeps tour
Golan Trip - 2006
Dishon Trip - 2007
Zippori Trip - 2012

" TacharuTal" - Swim Meet

July 2003, a swimmeet in Tal's memory took place "Sportan Haifa". A Palm tree was planted next to the swimming pool.
Tthe meet begins every year next to the Palm tree, called "The shade of Tal", with a memorial ceremony

"TacharuTal" - 2003
"TacharuTal" - 2004
"TacharuTal" - 2005
"TacharuTal" - 2006
"TacharuTal" - 2007
"TacharuTal" - 2008
"TacharuTal" - 2009
"TacharuTal" - 2010
"TacharuTal" - 2011
"TacharuTal" - 2012
"TacharuTal" - 2013
"TacharuTal" - 2014
"TacharuTal" - 2015
"TacharuTal" - 2016
"TacharuTal" - 2017

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The Memorial Wall

On Moriya street.

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The Memorial Grove

At Tal's school

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Commemorations by the site visitors

Flash presentation by Yoland Biton

Color Tal's Camel
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Sukot 2008
Coloring Tal's Camel - Moriya Ave

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Tal's Smile Didn't Wither...