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Tal was killed on March 5th, 2003 on the bus,
Two days after writing those poems.

"Actually nothing exciting happened to me lately,
But I reached the conclusion not to take anything for granted.
This is the problem of many people.
Their are lotן¿½s of small things that can make you very happy.
Last Saturday was a marvelous morning.
Actually I do not remember not a nice Saturday.
Yesterday I received a new tooth brush,
A very miner event, but it made me happy.
A Friend of mine thought I was crazy.
Actually not, as I have already said, I donן¿½t think
That rejoicing of life means being crazy"

Tal Kehrmann - March 3rd, 2003

"People tend to disregard happiness,
And I think I know why.
Because, when you happy you donן¿½t care why,
And you do not deal with it too much.
But when you are sad, you think of it and analyzed
Why you are sad,
Instead of let it be, let it go and be happy again.
Iן¿½m happy with no reason and Iן¿½m proud of it"

Tal Kehrmann - March 3rd, 2003

"In the mall, they teach kids how to kill
with a suit that whistles and a lazar gun.
One by one they shoot and fallן¿½.
Learn to die and to kill with the press of a button.
Everything is cheap in the mall..."

Tal Kehrmann - unknown date


Tal's Smile Didn't Wither...